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Jesse Veritas


In the early 2000’s Jesse was the host of a talk radio show that started in Australia and was streamed online to the USA/Canada. The show was picked up by a national network and ran for 4 years every Saturday night attracting thousands of callers each month. Jesse used the show as his platform to promote himself and his co-host as psychic/mediums and offered readings to each caller. From the show, came invitations for Jesse to tour the United States in 2011-2012, speaking at the International Conference on After Death Communication in Phoenix, Arizona where he shared his spiritual growth and helped people understand that they are not alone on their spiritual journey. Jesse walked participants through a negative energy and karmic-release activity and maintained positive vibes the entire time. 

During 2011-2012, Jesse participated in local shows and fairs where he would talk about after-death communication and karmic release, suicide prevention and communicating with spirit guides and Guardian/Archangels. 

In 2013, Jesse traveled extensively throughout Europe, appearing in shows across the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Sweden before returning home to Australia where he continued to consult with clients privately. 

Jesse’s spiritual journey took a sharp corner and seemed to take another path in 2014 when he entered a relationship with his partner who continued to mock Jesse’s abilities and the people who were seeing him. Ignorance, blind love, maybe? Caused Jesse to build up blocks and stop utilising his ability. He ignored the calls from the Angels, he refused to speak with spirit guides and asked his own to assist him with blocking out the spiritual energy for the sake of his relationship. No matter how many spiritual blocks he put up, sometimes, the messages were too difficult to ignore. He refused to trust his intuition, though, and continued to bury himself and shield himself from the spiritual realm. 

In 2018, during a traumatic event, Jesse heard the urgent screams from his spirit guides and guardian angels and escaped being murdered by his partner. He packed a bag with just one pair of underwear, a shirt, a pair of trackpants and for some reason, a PS4 controller and ran, literally, for his life. 

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